Gambling in the US will grow more slowly, say analysts at Morgan Stanley

Significant slowdown respective legislative processes and uncertain situation regarding permitting gambling in many states stand by respected industry analyst firm Morgan Stanley for predictions, according to which increase the inflow of money into gambling in the USA far slower pace than a few months ago it seemed. Prediction largely influenced also that by the end of 2015 will probably not legalize anything new.

The original assumption Morgan Stanley reckoned that in 2020 has flown by US gaming market about five billion dollars. But now the company estimate almost halved, namely 2,7 billion. Partly for that, during 2015 – despite the original plan – almost certainly not lead to enact any gambling or Pennsylvania or California. “The legislative process has slowed appreciably, primarily because a significant part of the legislator is not convinced of the economic benefits of the industry,” says the evaluation report.

Another part of the problem is overly optimistic estimates of trends in states where they are allowed some gambling disciplines, particularly in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Prediction talked about the fact that in 2014 there was “turned over” $678 million, but realistically it was only 135 million.

Initial estimates, analysts fundamentally modified. Currently predict that California and Pennsylvania legalized gambling in 2016, a year later, apparently will follow New York and Illinois. In 2020, it is said, could play in the 15 states of the Union. According to Morgan Stanley or stop development efforts billionaire casino magnate and Sheldon Adelson enact across the US ban on online gambling and the situation will also improve the expected departure of Harry Reid, who from the position of leader of Democrats in the Senate against the network fought games.