How to get an advantage when betting

If we are betting you are serious, your main goal is to get over the bookmaker some advantage. Exactly in today’s article we will discuss.

Sizes courses can be the difference between success and fiasco
The boundary between winning and losing is very thin. When planting is very important that such a course will be on your choice of betting opportunities to bet. Why should you bet with odds 2.20, while other bookmaker offers courses in 2.40? This is the kind of margin you sportsbook charges. The difference of two-tenths of you may seem small, but try to calculate the difference in a month or even a year – you will see that the suitable choice bookmakers is very important.

Unfortunately it but most do not realize bookies. I do not care as to how the betting to get the maximum value or how bookies work with coins.

Many bettors do not pay attention or bonuses and promotions that different bookmakers offer. This paves the way for the considerable sum of money. Let’s take a look at random, how much would punters could appropriately selecting one or more bookmakers do better:

  • Sportingbet offers a risk-free bet of up to 3 000 CZK, bonus calendar, VIP club and other promotions.
  • Unibet offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to CZK 2 500 and € 10 bet via mobile phone without risk.
  • Expekt offer risk-free bet of up to 1 500 CZK.
  • Betclic offers risk-free bet of up to 1 000 CZK.
  • Bet-at-Home offers a deposit bonus of up to 5000 CZK.

And we could go on and on. Today, virtually every bookmaker offers interesting bonuses and promotions. The number of bookmakers increases, so between them there is more competition and new customers sázkovky must therefore offer the best possible conditions. Increases therefore offered bonuses and decreases the size of the margins that you sázkovky determine. Even though it is spread margins of individual sázkovek quite large, so this factor should definitely not be overlooked. The ideal solution is to have an account with several bookmakers. Simply select the game, check that sázkovka offers the best odds and bet. In addition, you will be able to use a larger amount of bonuses.

Always carefully read the conditions of use of the bonus. Terms of individual sázkovek they vary. When you have finished viewing all, avoid potential problems.

In knowledge is power

Once you understand the margins sázkovek and what are the advantages of bonuses offered, it is time that you took the next step to gain an advantage – you have to find the area (sport, league), on which so much you know – ideally more than the actual bookmaker .

Bookmakers are experienced and have a wealth of data. Still, it has its weaknesses. The weakness may be, for example, some of the lower leagues. Bookmakers often offer the opportunity to bet on matches from lower divisions or some new (or. Less popular) sports. These are areas that in comparison with the large leagues are not explored.

Bookmaker not in a position in which he could understand the dynamics of the third women’s volleyball league in Russia. But there is no reason why you are on this league could not focus and gradually it started to collect the betting success. Moreover choose the area in which you would think it bookmaker may be weak, and focus on it.

A good source of information is worth gold
Information is essential, but they do not guarantee success. If you know something that everyone knows, you have to reckon with the fact that a given fact already be “embedded” in the course. True value stems from information that are closest to the source.

So if you find a good one (trusted!) Source of information, you have the advantage. Many options have eg. Twitter, which often go behind the scenes information. Beware, however, because a large percentage of this information are just ducks. A good example of a great background information eg. About player disputes with management to delay payments.

A different approach

If you had the chance, would you rather bet on the outcome of the event, which is known – although not many people – or unknown? The first option sounds better, right?

Falls into this category, for example, betting on various talent competitions. Information on public penetrate many ways – sometimes inadvertently, sometimes nonverbally.

Sometimes even information does not leak. The result is easy to predict – think for example about the talent show, such as. American X-Factor or the Czech copies. In a competition of this type usually wins contestant with the most talent, but the competitor who is something apart from its rivals (must be something controversial, for example. Had a difficult childhood to attract the sympathies of the audience, and so on).